About the Book


This is the story of a 64 year old man who tragically loses his wife to ovarian cancer after 38 years of marriage. The years together were barren of children, but filled with adventure, and the many trials that confront couples during a young and maturing relationship.

The period following her death is accented by his vow to avoid any future relationship which may cause him to deal with the pain and heartbreak he endured while watching her suffer through this horrible disease.  

He makes the decision to leave the city where they had lived for many years and return to Texas, leaving his friends and family behind. This is evidence of his commitment to seclusion which will undoubtedly send his life on a downward course to loneliness.

Two phone calls interrupt his plan, and ultimately lead to his meeting a friend-of-a-friend, who changes his life forever.

This story is one of tragedy, downheartedness and romance.

Salvaged by Love can be an inspiration for any person who has lost a loved one. It is a story of moving forward from guilt and fear often associated with such loss, and entering a new life while relishing past memories.